Research into the potential of introducing local currency for sustainable territorial development

SOBIC participates in the research of factors influencing the possibility of introducing the so-called local currency as a tool for the development of the local economy and the support for a sustainable economy. The aim of the project is to map these systems, to analyse the applicability in the conditions of the Czech Republic, to design a new model of digital local currency and to perform its experimental verification. The project will also include research on all aspects, such as tax, cultural, social and legal.

The main researcher is University College of Business in Prague. Another participant is the company SOBIC is involved in all phases of the research project – the identification of key factors for the successful introduction of the local currency, the research across all key stakeholders, and experimental verification in the pilot region.

The team of Mrs. Aleksandra Ključnikova, Ph.D. including a member of the SOBIC Board of Directors Mr. Michal Banot, MBA., published in the prestigious impact journal Oeconomia Copernicana (IF 2.128, Q2), the original study “How do security and benefits instill trustworthiness of a digital local currency?” Oeconomia Copernicana, 11 (3), 433–465. doi: 10.24136 / oc.2020.018).


The ÉTA programme supporting research, experimental development and innovation of applied social sciences and humanities.

Contact person:

Ing. Michal Banot, MBA.